What does DTX sell?

Primarily, tools and equipment … but we’ll consider selling other items too. The following is a list of items we will NOT sell:

  Firearms or other weapons
  Computers and cell phones
 Game systems, other consumer electronic devices
  Books and magazines
  CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, etc.
  Food and beverage items

  Livestock, pets
  Home Decorations
  Coins or other collectibles

DTX reserves the right to refuse to accept for sale any item without explanation.

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I have items I’d like to sell. Can DTX help me?

Absolutely! We sell all of our items on consignment, and we have the lowest commission you’ll find anywhere. Let us sell your items for you and avoid the hassle.

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Where is DTX located?

We have a small showroom located at 1247 Old Cooches Bridge Road in Newark, Delaware (near Friendly’s and the Red Roof Inn).

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Why the limited store hours?

By keeping our costs to a minimum, DTX can offer some of the lowest prices around for quality tools and equipment. One way we do that is by limiting our store hours — although we’re always open on an appointment basis.

Please call or email us to arrange an appointment. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

What are the DTX sales terms and conditions?

All items sold by DTX are “as is”, which means that there are no explicit or implicit warranties. However, we do thoroughly inspect each item before offering it for sale to ensure it’s in a safe and operable condition.

Because we sell consigned items, DTX has a “no haggle” price policy. The price marked is the price you pay.

Why shouldn’t I just put it on Craigslist and sell it myself?

Sure … if you are OK with:

  Inviting strangers into your home?
  Waiting around for buyers who may never show up?
  Receiving outrageous “lowball” offers for your items?

In addition, DTX offers delivery service, accepts credit cards and PayPal, and will have your items on display in our secure showroom — all of which will enable us to sell your items faster, safer, and at a better price than trying to do it yourself.

OK, so how does this work?

Simply drop off your item (or we can pick it up for you) and YOU specify the selling price for the consignment period of 90 days. We’ll list it on Craigslist as well as our website and put it on display in our Newark showroom. When the item sells, you’ll receive your money either by check or PayPal, whichever you prefer.

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How will my items be priced?

YOU determine the selling price. If you’re unsure, we will be glad to help you set a fair price for your items. DTX has a “no haggle” price policy.

How much does DTX charge to sell an item?

If it doesn’t sell … nothing. At the end of the consignment period, we’ll notify you so that you can either renew the agreement or retrieve your item. You’ll have 30 days to retrieve unsold items; after that, items become the property of Delaware Tool Exchange, LLC.

If it does sell, DTX will deduct a seller’s fee of 40% of the sales price and pay you the balance. Our fee is much lower than other consignment stores, and far lower than you’d pay at pawn shops.

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Will DTX deliver an item that I’ve purchased?

DTX can deliver most items locally for a fee of $25 — but there may be exceptions for specific items or delivery locations. Please check with us first!

Can DTX pickup my item to be sold?

DTX will pickup at no charge any items to be sold if they’re within five miles of the corporate limits of Newark, Delaware.

Can DTX ship an item that I’ve purchased?

Yes, but please note that prices are marked for shop pickup only. If you need us to ship an item to you, please contact us prior to purchase to determine shipping costs.